Poppe Practice Management

Dental Practice Management Systems

From Operations Management to Complete Team Training

Working with a dental practice management and operations consultant can improve team performance, enhance the patient experience, and ultimately grow your practice. Your team can be happier, YOU can be happier, and your dental practice can finally be all that you want it to be. Poppe Practice Management makes this all possible by analyzing every part of your practice and working with you to create custom solutions specifically for you.


Systems are the backbone to most successful businesses. They streamline processes, create consistent positive experiences, make teams efficient, and boost the bottom line. Your dental office is no different. Poppe Practice Management can help you establish systems that will not only help keep patients happy, but that can ease stress on your team members, too. Your dental practice management systems are based on your philosophy, mission, and values, and are designed to work for you and your team.

Team Communication

Communication is one of the most common challenges facing dental teams. Talking openly and honestly with the people you work closely with isn’t always easy or comfortable, but it’s necessary in order to continue to grow, give patients thorough and complete care, and reach your goals. Poppe Practice Management can help you and your team members practice constructive communication skills and make communicating with each other an everyday norm. The results are a happier team and better-coordinated care for your patients.

Team Hiring, Training, and Reviews

Sometimes the management side of owning a dental practice is stressful and inhibits your ability to truly have the practice you’ve envisioned. That’s when a dental consultant can be a big benefit. We can help you navigate the confusing arena of hiring the right team members for the right positions, create foolproof training systems, and establish a process for conducting positive team reviews or evaluations. Establishing some repeatable processes alleviates some of the stress that may come with managing your team.

How to Get Started

  1. Schedule your free phone consultation. We’ll talk about your needs and goals and determine if we should proceed with an in-office evaluation.
  2. Meet and greet at your office. Many times a couple of days in your dental office is recommended so we can observe you and your team in action.
  3. Create a strategy for success. After our office visit, we will discuss our observations and make a plan together.
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